1st Annual Tanzania ICT Awards - Celebrating the pioneers of ICT and encouraging excellence.

The Technology Awards are the most comprehensive celebration of Technology in the year.

About ICT Awards 2021

Appreciation is fundamental in human life. Although each one of us is driven entirely by a different set of compulsions e.g. success, fame, honour, self realisation etc. The Tanzania ICT Awards shall partake the annual responsibility of identifying, recognising and rewarding outstanding performance in the ICT sector in Tanzania. The gala dinner event on the night before commencing the Tanzania Annual ICT Conference is intended to be Tanzania's flagship gathering of the ICT professionals, consultants, providers', well wishers, donors, academia, political leaders and the regulator, in a bid to create motivation, mass awareness and image boosting in the sector. The awards ceremony shall be an undertaking by and for all key stakeholders in the ICT industry in Tanzania and beyond. This is largely because stakeholders have an invaluable role to play when it comes to promoting and sustaining the ICT business in Tanzania.


  • Identify, Recognise and Reward outstanding players in different economic sectors using ICT.
  • To provide knowledge and information by sharing best practice, experiences and expertise.
  • Foster innovation and creativity in the sector.
  • Build awareness and confidence in the public, NGO's, Donors, the civil society, International Community and investors e.t.c.
  • To further promote the role of government in ensuring that ICT is a resource for all and encourage private and local participation.
  • Enhance greater regional collaboration in the development and promotion of ICT.
  • Accelerate effective use of information, education, communication and technology (IECT) in the day to day lives of Tanzanians.

Awards Nomination Methodologies

STAGE ONE Nominations 24th August- 11th September
STAGE TWO Evaluation, complete a submission form, verification, publicity and shortlisting. 11th September - 18th September
STAGE THREE Notifications of shortlisted finalists. 19th September
STAGE FOUR Public vote. 20th September - 27th September
STAGE FIVE Evaluation & System update. 28th September - 30th September
STAGE SIX Judging. 01th October - 03th October
STAGE SEVEN Announcement of Finalists. 08th October
STAGE EIGTH Award Ceremony. 21st October

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